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Author: sdhakad-yogapeace

Pooja Gill, Haryana

Guru ji is an amazing yoga master. He understands individual problems and gives 100% attention to each student. His dedication is commendable. The way he instructed me, helped me, changed me and made me a totally different person 🙏

I highly recommend Guru ji as a yoga teacher. Go with him without any doubt.😊 I am honored that i had the privilege to train under the acharya’s at YogaPeace Sansthan. I have learnt more than I possibly thought, they kept us on track and gave us the best experience.

Thank you 🙏 Guru ji and Acharya ji.

A Transformative Journey: From IT to Yoga -Renuka Pachange

Transformations Fueled by Yoga: A Personal Reflection

Transitioning from IT to Yoga has had a transformative impact on my life. Initially, I was drawn to the idea of a successful career in IT, but I came to realize the detrimental impact it had on my physical, mental, and emotional health. The constant demands, tight deadlines, and unbalanced lifestyle left me feeling overwhelmed and excessively stressed. This realization prompted me to search for balance. Yoga soon became the guiding light, offering a comprehensive approach to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It equipped me with the tools and philosophies necessary to navigate the complexities of my professional life and find harmony.

Commencing my yoga journey at a local class, the asanas swiftly became the remedy for my physical discomforts and body aches, infusing vitality into my being. Simultaneously, pranayama exercises enhanced my lung capacity, gradually dissolving layers of accumulated distress and anxiety. What began as a quest for balance fransformed into a pivotal decision to bid farewell to my IT career and immerse myself as a certified yoga instructor. This choice didn’t emerge hastily; it sprang from an inner calling to share yoga’s transformative prowess, a force that had profoundly impacted my life. Today, as a certified instructor, I find purpose and joy in imparting yoga’s wisdom and benefits to others. Yoga hasn’t just redirected my life’s path and choices; it has become a conduit guiding me toward a purposeful, content, and joyous existence.

I owe all my accomplishments to my guru, Yogacharya Dhakaram. He’s not just a
prominent yoga teacher but also the visionary behind YogaPeace and Ekam Yoga. His
dedication and passion for learning are remarkable, evident from his two-time international
gold medals and numerous national awards. Without his guidance, none of this would have
been possible.

No life Without Laughter

Greetings to all of you with our smiling faces. A warm welcome to each of you on a journey towards health and happiness. Friends, today we will understand the importance of laughing. We know that life is incomplete without laughter. So today we will laugh freely and loudly. After laughing, when you close your eyes, you’ll feel that every part of your body is also laughing.

When I talk about laughing, you might wonder why you should laugh without a reason. Think carefully, is there a life without laughter? Life is dull and lifeless without laughter. Would you prefer to be around a gloomy person? No, right? Who would you prefer to be around? Someone who is cheerful, keeps smiling. It’s natural to want to talk to such people.

Whether I talk about the corporate world or any other place, when happy and joyful people come together, the environment becomes very positive. When I talk about yoga, yoga means happiness. When you keep laughing and smiling, the atmosphere around you becomes positive. Your work will be better. Even if everything isn’t perfect, that’s okay because life has both ups and downs. Just like day and night, there are sorrows and joys in life. I say, focus on the smiles.

You might say, “If we laugh all day, what will people say?” People do talk; they say we laugh like mad people. But I say, you should laugh without any reason. As they say, keep laughing as you go along the path. I say, where will you find reasons to laugh all day? Where will you hear or tell jokes all day? I give you a reason to laugh, or rather, I give you the key to laughter. Whenever you’re troubled or sad, remember to laugh freely and bring joy into your life.

So my dear friends, in this world, there have been and will be countless people—some people are good, some are not good and some people like you and me. It’s certain that trillions of people came into this universe , and trillions of people went away, but have you ever thought carefully that there’s no one like us? There’s no one like us. We look at others, but there’s no one like us. So from now on, when you’re feeling down, troubled, or alone, just think that there’s no one in the world like you. God has made me unique. There’s no one as beautiful as you in this world. This is why we should laugh. We look outside, but I say, look within. The more we look inside, the more our genuine happiness and laughter will shine outward.

Think about it, divine grace is showering upon us, and every part of your body is brimming with joy and fun. Your face is radiant, every part of your body is filled with happiness. Don’t think, just laugh. Keep laughing until every part of your body starts laughing. Meditate with a laughing face, with a joyful mind.