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YogaPeace Grand Master Course

YogaPeace Grand Master Course encompasses a wide range of topics covering:

  • Course 1: BYTM
  • Course 2: FYC
  • Course 3: AYTM
  • Yoga For Sports
  • Advance Anatomy Classes

Course Duration: 7-8 Months and minimum 1,870 Hours of practicum

Fees: INR ₹ 2,00,000 (US$ 3,000)

A journey with yourself towards your inner self. As designed by our ancestors and passed from Saints, Sages, and Mahatmans as an integral value, it is the utmost requirement nowadays for our Holistic well-being.

AAGAMAN (Welcome Ceremony)

Be the Change, Being the Calm, Quiet, and Steady within. You are Heartedly welcome to be more aware of your Body, Mind, and Soul. An oath to be taken for Serving society for its Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Well-being.


AARAMBH ( Course 1: Basic Yoga Therapy Master/BYTM (YCB Level 1)

The first step of learning the fundamentals of Yog is concentrating on Pranayamas, Asanas, and Mudras with a Deep Understanding of the science and proper methodology behind them.

Teachings with a strong core and proper alignment.

  • In-Depth Practical knowledge of Yoga
  • Basic learning of Yoga Therapy (without Props) to treat various health issues.
  • Study of Human Anatomy & its Physiology
  • Explanation of Vedic mantras
  • Yogic Texts (Patanjal Yoga Sutra, Hathpradipika, Bhagwad Geeta etc.)
  • Teaching Practice, Personality Development leads to the holistic development
  • Learning is emphasized in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Growth.
  • Career-oriented training
  • World-Class Infrastructure & Amenities
  • Placement Assistance
  • PRAPTI (You Get…): Teach YOG, Meditation, Yog for Pregnant Woman, YOG for Routine Lifestyle Disorders.

MADHYAM (Fitness Yoga Coach/ FYC (YCB Level 2 )

The next level of Yog Abhyasa consists of Tai Chi (Mother of Martial Arts), Ashtanga Vinyasa Flows and various other practices focusing on Weight Loss and Intense ways to make you flexible and strong at the same time.

Advanced Yoga Practices.

  • Learn various patterns of Sun salutations
  • Adaptations of Tai-Chi in Yoga
  • Learn various meditative techniques and guided relaxation
  • Diet Chart Designing
  • Research-based techniques to deal with fat loss and muscle building.
  • Aesthetic way of teaching yoga
  • Enhance strength and stamina by activating brain cells.
  • Precise and detailed corrections
  • PRAPTI: Teach YOG for Weight Loss, Flexibility and Strength & PARTNER YOG

UTTAM (Advanced Yoga Therapy Master (AYTM)

Getting very popular Nowadays due to its Positive and Longlasting Results in patients, Methods and Techniques based on the healing principles of yoga are taught to treat and cure Diseases, Ailments, Chronic, Acute, and Lifestyle Disorders.

Yoga therapy training with Props

  • Learn therapy on the principles of Guru B.K.S. Iyengar (with Props)
  • Detailed study of Anatomy, Physiology.
  • Yoga Philosophy (Shad darshan), Narrative study Ayurveda, Yogic Texts.
  • Study concept of mental hygiene, its diagnosis & yogic treatment
  • Learning Disease Management (Acute & Chronic)
  • Opportunity to treat patients, and various workshops
  • Personality Development Sessions & Holistic Development
  • Placement Assurance
  • PRAPTI: Becoming YOGA THERAPIST, one can treat any kind of patients


An internship program designed specially to give experience to patients and practitioners under the expert’s supervision providing you an edge for teaching YOG and treating and helping people.


After learning and working on different levels of yoga, you are groomed as a Yoga Instructor and Therapist who is ready to serve Society with all of your Right Knowledge, Best efforts, and Good Intent.