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Yoga for Sports (Advance Yoga)

by Dr. Abhinav Joshi

Duration: 75 Days / 150 Hours

Fees: INR ₹ 20,000 (US$ 300)

Yoga for sport means when we try to perform advanced yoga asanas with perfection. Which benefits you immensely in terms of health. It is slightly different from medical yoga. Because in therapy yoga we use props and can mold yogasanas according to the disease and patient. But yoga for sports means yoga postures with perfection. We don’t make or change any yoga posture as per performer. Yoga for sports Means Perfect Advance Yoga Posture

Where you can learn the perfection of advanced yoga postures along with the techniques of the posture. To expand the movements of the body, to increase the flexibility of the body, the movements of the spine and the opening of the back, to make yoga asanas better to best.

All this will be taught by Dr. Abhinav Joshi who is a PhD holder in Yoga Sports as well as Asian Yoga Sports Teacher and Referee and has been teaching since 2000-2001.

We aim to teach you from scratch and guide you towards perfection.

Yoga for sports teaches the perfect execution of advanced yoga poses to enhance health and mobility.

Yoga for sports teaches perfect execution of advanced yoga postures for health, flexibility, and spine.