Nanag Ram Saini, 22 yrs, Dausa

Ailment: Brain Hemorrhage

Feedback: I Nanag Ram Saini student of YogaPeace or a member of YogaPeace family who was standing some time before today at Secluded intersection. Whose every way seemed to go further to such a problem which seemed to strike every kind of mental, physical, economic dimensions of my mind and soul. I remember that day Guruji when I came in contact with you and this great institution. It seems now that the same day Lord started writing the dictum of my life.

In which the Guruji you were my craftsman and this institution was the gate or path of my life, through which the path of nirvana is displayed, which has given unlimited form and skill of Mahatma Bhudha and the Swami Vivekananda to my soul. Guruji I want to tell you that this was you who, through this great institution, made me prosperous by the skillfulness of his life. In essence, this institution has given me the wonderful ability to take the idea of being all things out of nothing  and that is what makes me extravagant from ordinary and removing my spirituality and philosophy from the narrowing to a broad. Dear Guruji, through this institution, you have made me a prime motivator in life. Guruji this institution is like the ancient Nalanda University for me, and I am a proud student of this institution. My Gurudev is the center point of my reverence and if it is the center of praise for life then I consider you and this institution as the leader of this reverence and praise. In the end, I pray to my lord that your skills and the skills of this organization will continue to be superior and eternal. Thank you.

 Krishna Kripa - 1, Behind Science Park,
Subhash Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur - 302016, India
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