Tomoe Suzuki

Feedback: “Konnichiwa” Smiling Greeting to all!
I am Tomoe Suzuki …. From Kobe Japan who was with you all for two months to learn advanced and therapy yoga.
These two months were invigorating for me and I was overwhelmed by the warmth and affection shown by the people of India- especially the Yoga Peace family. I was introduced to YOGA PEACE and “Dhakaram sir” by my friend Nirupama Goyal. She told me about “Therapy Yoga” which was completely a new concept to me. “In Japan it is a common belief that Yoga is only for flexible people”, but while learning Therapy Yoga, I saw people of all ages from children to 90+ year olds, of various fitness levels- agile to stiff, pregnant ladies, and people suffering from diff, disease like obesity, thyroid,cervical,chronic-knee and back pain, anxiety , depression, stomach ailments, weakness etc. practicing “therapy yoga” and getting curved by it. The patients were able to take the benefits of even the most difficult asanas like “Shirsasana, Sarvangasana and Chakrasana” etc, only because of this wonderful form of yoga i.e. Therapy Yoga- where we do yoga poses with support.
It is like Yoga for all.
All the patients were very satisfied by the treatments they got. Perhaps the good nature and smiling faces of Yoga Peace family is also a reason for this. While teaching, Dhakaram sir always instructed us to “strive for perfection but step by step, feel the maximum stretch, relax and observe the changes inside while keeping our eyes closed and a smiling face” …… it was new to me and I always wondered why?
Practicing yoga this way, introduced “Myself to me, to my inner self. My everyday life became cal, and peaceful. Through this practice I got less distracted by any external life situations or thoughts. I was able to concentrate on my inner strength. I am definitely going to introduce this important practice along with yoga and therapy to Japanese which will help them in their spiritual well being also.
General yoga class, slimming class, therapy class, each was as enjoyable as it was intense. It was an amazing experience. Each day was a new learning!!!
Coming to Yoga Peace was truly a right decision for me. I am a completely changed person now.

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