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One Step Towards Health and Happiness: Meditation Made Easy

Om shanti. Welcome to Yogapeace Sansthan’s program, “One Step Towards Health and Happiness.” Today, we explore the practice of meditation.

Many believe meditation is complex, but it’s neither easy nor difficult. The key is to abide in the present moment, free from the grip of past and future worries. Our minds, like pendulums, swing between them. The technique we’ll discuss will simplify your meditation journey.

Observe Your Thoughts, Don’t Judge Them

You might hear instructions like “don’t meditate here” or “don’t meditate there.” Our minds, like children, rebel against restrictions. Instead, we’ll learn to observe our thoughts without judgment.

Imagine watching traffic from the roadside. You don’t try to stop the vehicles; you simply observe their flow. Likewise, observe your thoughts, good or bad, as they come and go.

Finding Your Comfortable Seat

Begin by sitting comfortably in any posture that suits you, such as Padmasana (lotus), Sukhasana (easy pose), Siddhasana (perfect pose), or Vajrasana (diamond pose). Ensure your back and neck are straight, with an expanded chest and relaxed stomach muscles.

If you have back pain, use a cushion or block for support. You can even sit on a sofa, chair, or bed. Place your hands in Dhyana Mudra (meditation posture) on your lap and gently close your eyes. Soften your gaze and focus on your inner state. Relax your neck and facial muscles completely.

Letting Go of Thoughts

Thoughts will arise, but simply observe them. Don’t chase them away or dwell on them. Just as uninvited guests eventually leave if ignored, so too will your thoughts when you detach from them.

Meditation Anywhere, Anytime

Meditation isn’t confined to a specific place. You can practice it in a car, bus, train, airplane, office – anywhere!

Open Your Eyes and Embrace the Benefits

Slowly open your eyes. Regular meditation will gradually reduce thought fluctuations. When we pay attention to something, it takes hold of our minds. By detaching from thoughts, we take back control.

Practice Regularly, Experience the Shift

Whenever you feel stressed, incorporate meditation into your routine. You don’t need a special place – just 5-10 minutes a day. Yogacharya Dhakaram suggests that within 7 days of daily meditation, you’ll experience positive changes in your body and mind.

May you all be happy, healthy, and joyful.

Respect to all of you.

Yogacharya Dhakaram
Founder, YogaPeace Sansthan