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Scientific Method of Bending Backwards

Hari Om, dear friends!

Greetings to all with our smiling faces. Welcome to the program taking a step towards health and joy. Today, we will discuss how to bend backwards properly.

What happens if you bend backward incorrectly?

  • You may experience back pain.
  • The body structure may get disturbed.

Benefits of bending backward correctly:

  • Excellent for the spine.
  • Beneficial for the lungs and heart.

Method of bending backward:

Half Wheel Pose (Ardha Chakrasana):

  1. Place your hands on your hips, pressing the hips downwards and lifting the chest outward.
  2. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and expand the chest as much as possible.
  3. Keep the neck relaxed.
  4. Focus on the muscles of the shoulders and chest.
  5. Slowly lower your hands without opening your eyes.
  6. Feel the changes happening in your body with closed eyes.
  7. Focus on the muscles of the shoulders and chest.
  8. Do not rush while bending backward.
  9. Regular practice will yield good results.

Another method:

  1. Take your hands behind your back, interlock your fingers, forming a pair of scissors.
  2. Expand the chest forward and keep the neck backward.
  3. Try to hold this position for at least one to two minutes.
  4. When it becomes difficult to hold, slowly return to the normal position from the posture.
  5. Feel the changes happening in your body with closed eyes.
  6. Practicing the posture with closed eyes brings peace and joy to the mind.
  7. It is very important if there is stiffness or pain in the shoulders and neck.

Points to Remember:

  • Bend backward by joining the ankles while bending forward, keeping the spine straight.
  • While performing the Half Wheel Pose, bend backward from the upper part of the chest.
  • Gently twist the vertebrae of the spine.


  • Beneficial for the chest, lungs, and heart.
  • Makes the spine flexible.
  • Beneficial for the muscles of the shoulders and neck.

For more information:

Yogacharya Dhaka Ram
Founder, Yoga Peace Institute