Yingruo Fan & Yingruo Zhou

Feedback: You Comfortable? Close your eyes….keep smile….. feel it…. Concentrate here….. Be honest….. and relax. Every time when my husband and I come here everybody say: “Smile Morning”! “Smile Afternoon”! So you’ll never forget to keep smiling and that really makes you feel great! Mr. Dhakaram seted up a training plan for us we are just beginners. After 12 days of practice we’ve got the basics and our body turn more flexible, it’s a wonderful experience as we expected! 
In Yoga Peace, there are so many conscientious, skilled teachers. Thank You everybody. This is an unforgettable time! 
If you ask us why chose this place to start? The only answer is the reply email of Yoga Peace said: keep smiling in every moment of your life! We will leave Jaipur tomorrow. I don’t know what time I will back. We will miss you! But “keep smiling in every moment of your life” will bear in our mind!

中国上海 范众 周颖若