Vishnu Kr Sain, 31yrs, Jaipur

Ailment: Eye problem and headache

Feedback: My name is Vishnu Kumar Sain and I convey my heartfelt thanks to Guru Shri Dhakaram ji who helped in curing my ailment. I would like to share that I was suffering from an eye disease. I used to have burning sensation in my eyes and pain in the nerves of my head. I consulted all the famous and big doctors of Jaipur but got no relief. One day I met Guruji at the shop I work and got the opportunity to discuss and share my problem with .The compassionate Guru suggested me to join yoga therapy at Yoga Peace and assured me of getting rid of my ailment. I am glad to say that I got relieved of my ailment within fifteen days and the number of my spectacles was reduced. 
I am grateful to Guruji  under who’s blissful guidance I got to welcome a new life. My joy knows no bounds as I am free to enjoy my life .Thanks once again to the entire Yoga peace team