Venus Sharma

I wanted to share my experience as I have been connected to Yoga Peace and Ekam for a long time as it’s not just months rather than years. All the trainers who are taking various classes online on different concepts are not in any comparison or close to even Yoga Session taken by Yogacharya Dhakaram as he has the greatest knowledge and also has eye for detail on every student in the class from the body posture to there personal illness aspects. He heals your body from mind to soul as it’s not just words but more than it. My entire family and friends have been cured by Yogacharya Dhakaram Sapkota from there lifestyle diseases for which doctors said they can’t cure the person completely which He did it in 6 months as he is not a magician but a real healer because whatever he does... he does it with passion, heart, and soul. As he himself gets into the shoes of the guests as if he is facing the same illness. Even if we do Pranayama, Kriya, or Asana everything he makes you do is very precise. I am sharing this because if you really getting a chance to practice with The Legend than don’t miss it as it will be a Life-Changing moment. 
My request to the entire world is to focus on yourself and don’t look for materialistic things. 
For Guru Dhakaram Ji, I must say he is Gem  Of a person with whom you might not get a chance to have the opportunity in future as he is been approached by various celebrity and ministers for Yoga guidance and healing personally but he has always mentioned to them to visit the studio as he treats everyone equally. Even if we talk about teachers' training courses being with him will completely transform a person from inside to outside by learning about your own body with YOGA. He is a Master who is unbeatable and teaches all his students without having any Discrimination, I am sharing about him not anyone else because he has made people walk who were on bedridden for a long time. It’s my duty to spread awareness about Another version of God or you can say he has been sending by the Creator to cure people and teach them Yoga in a real way. If my words can really help in spreading awareness for the entire world at least I can do this favor for all of you because very soon he will really having very less time as he has invitations from various countries so it may be hard for any individual to have an appointment with him personally as it will be in long waiting. If I wanted I would have mentioned everything in too short but hope you all can understand the moral of the story.  If I keep speaking about his work maybe I will have to write a novel in series of 108 minimum but I might not be able to complete his Greatness. He has been awarded Gandhi Award but I feel it is pretty less as compared to his intelligence and being so kind and helpful personality. God bless him always 🕉 Yogapeace is also been certified by Ministry Of Ayush Mantralaya as it is not just a diploma which other centres provides but a fully certified Internationally renowned centre which will make the future trainers to spread their learning across the Globe