Siddharth Sharma, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Feedback: I had a terrible pain in the waist from the last 3-4 months, but I did not pay much attention before, but my pain was gradually rising due to which I was having trouble in studying too. I did not have much time to read. I used to feel pain only after sitting for a while. I showed to many doctors and treated me but my pain was not getting well then someone told me about the YogaPeace.

When I started going to YogaPeace, I did not feel any difference, then I told Guruji my troubles, then he made changes in my sitting habits and after that I started feeling a bit better. I am going to YogaPeace for the past three months and now my pain is 70% comfortable. I thank Guruji Shri Dhakaram ji. He helped me very much and encouraged me from time to time. YogaPeace staff also helped me a lot and supported me.