Professor (Dr. ) L.K. Pareek

Feedback: My Fruitful experience and speedy recovery of prevailing ailment : I am extremely happy towrite these few lines of my recent experience gathered at YogaPeace centre located in Krishan Kripa premises in Subhash Nagar, Jaipur running under the dynamic leadership of Yoga Guru Shri Dhakaramji, the founder of this centre.

How I reched the Yogapeace centre and got relief : I developed slight pain in my right shoulder in the month of Jan 2015, which subsequently increased and stopped movement of my upper right hand in different angles. Ity was quite painful and I had many sleepless nights. The orthopedic surgeons diagnosed it as “ Frozen Shoulder” and advised me for number of excersies but no substantial recovery was there. In the meantime my elder daughter Dr. (Mrs.) Neelu Sharma advised me to seek appointment with Shri Dhakaramji of YogaPeace. After seeking appointment she introduced me with Shri Dhakaramji to whom I narrated my said ailment including other existing physiological disorders in the second week of May, 2015. From next day onwards I started the suggested and prescribed asanas under the guidance of Yogaguru Shri Dhakaramji and his trained young associates. I got considerable relief in my shoulder after regularly visiting the centre for last more than two months and now I am able to move the 60% movements with my right hand in different directions. In additions to this I have started feeling myself fresh, energetic, healthy, light and fit due to performing regular Asanas and other physical activities at the centre.

Other Significant Observations : Moreover, it is also pertinent to mention that I have come across with number of old, young, male and female visitors including children at this centre having varied types of chronic ailments in different parts of their body i.e. brain, heart, lungs, eyes, knees etc were either denied for any treatment or were advised for their replacement etc. by the physicians and surgeons. During my personal interview with such persons I was told that they have been recovered to a great extent after coming to this centre which is not less than a miracle. I was thrilled to interact with many of such people who had chronic diseases anf they were recovered. All aforesaid yoga activities are conducted in a cool and calm atmosphere and hundreds of people are regularly benefited by the centre where personal attention is being paid by Shri Dhakaramji himself and his young male and female trained instructors who were always found sincere, humble, cordial, helping and respectful. To my mind the centre is rendering a great service to the humanity as a whole in which all efforts are made by the YogaPeace centre in order to make each and everyone mentally, physically and spiritually fit. God may bless the entire family of YogaPeace centre and I wish for its very bright future in order to have international recognition in years to come.