Pradeep Kumar Doshi, 64years, Jaipur, Rajathan

Ailment: Knee Pain

Feedback: I am Pradeep Kumar Doshi aged 64 yrs. I was suffering from Knee Pain for the last one year. One of my friends suggested me to meet Shri Dhaka Ram ji Sir at ‘Yoga Peace’ centre. I joined centre on 9th December, 2015 for 2 months. Based on my knee problem, I did yoga based exercises, under the guidance of qualified Instructors namely Shailendra Sir, Sumer Sir, Veeru Sir, Govind Sir, Sita Mam , Vivek Sir & others and above all Shri Dakha Ram ji Sir who was always there and guiding when ever required. I am happy to say that my knee-pain has almost vanished and I am feeling excellent now. I also liked the way they greet each other at the center by saying ‘Smile Morning’. ‘Yoga Peace’ has surely proved to be a ‘Turning Point’ in my life. Good going ‘Yoga Peace’.