Pawan Sharma, 39 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: Blood Pressure, Nasal Polyps, Depression, Throat Block and loud snore.

Feedback: YogaPeace, such a wonderful ambience It’s a complete fitness center. I have come to know about YogaPeace through Malti Sharma who resides in Civil Lines. Before meeting Guruji, I have contacted to all ENT Doctors of Jaipur. When I met you I was suffering from loud snoring at night. I was using C. Pep. Machine due to lack of oxygen in night At that time because of Blood Pressure, depression and nasal polyps my throat was almost block, and all the doctors had the same opinion that it is very important to carry out the operation of the nose and throat.

In such a situation, I came in contact with Guruji Shri Dhakaram ji and Guruji assured me to be completely healthy in 2 months. I don’t believe in miracles but miracle really happens in YogaPeace. Guruji, Now I don’t have any kind of health problems. Your favor can not be described in words. Our entire family is grateful to you for the health benefits you have given me, and we pray to God that you and your team will get similar inspiration so that the maximum people gets benefit.