Nirmala Chitlangiya, 61 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: Asthma, Pneumonia, Hypothyroid, Hypertension, Kidney Infection, Heart Attack, Blood Sugar

: I Nirmala Chitlangiya who is a member of YogaPeace. I heartily thanks Guruji and all the members of Yogapeace because today if I am healthy then they are the reason behind it. Before came to YogaPeace, I had surrounded by many diseases

From last 20 years I was suffering from asthma and from last 8 years I had knee pain also. Doctors suggested me for knee operation means Total Knee Replacement because I was unable to walk cause of pain.
I was in Calcutta in July, 2017 in a marriage and there I had heart attack. I was in ICU for 5 days.  My condition was very critical. After a little bit of recovery, I came to Jaipur and someone suggested me about YogaPeace. My son immediately contacted to Guruji and then we went YogaPeace on the same day. Guruji suggested me to do Therapy Yoga. I joined YogaPeace from July 15, 2017 and the result of Yoga Therapy was very excellent. I think I am the most healthy and happy person because now I am not taking any medicines of sugar and hypertension. I feel that I never had any knee pain and asthma. Last 20 years I was taking treatment from Dr. Garg and now he is also happy after watching me fit and fine. Dr. Garg said to me that you are become young once again and He had done all my tests which came normal. I and my family thanks to Guruji and his whole YogaPeace Team for making me Fit and Fine and now I am going to Dubai again.