Ailment: Anxiety, Blood Pressure, Breath Problem

Feedback: My name is Neeraj Akar. I was suffering  from anxiety disorder. I had problem of taking breathe. In this type of problem sudden pain starts at any time in any part of the body. Me and my whole family became worried.  This problem starts with depression. Life was confined to the four walls. All time i was living in flurry and tension. I also consult to doctor P. D. Khandelwal and R. S. Kedar. Then my family Doctor P. K. Garg suggested me to join YogaPeace. Then I join YogaPeace when I stepped inside the sweet music of OM give me a lot of relaxation. Words of Dhakaram sir also influenced me.  Now I have completed 1 and a half month here and problem of cholestrol, blood pressure, and breathing is in under control. I am happy now.  My 80% problem is now cured. I want to thanks to Dhakaram Sir and YogaPeace family from bottom of my heart whose efforts made my body and mind healthy. I have a ray of hope that soon I become perfectly fine.