Mrs. Karamjeet Chaudhary, Jalandhar

Ailments: Chronic Knee Pain

Respected Guruji, i want to take this opportunity to extent my heartfelt gratitude to the treatment received by me at your centre at Jaipur for my chronic knee pain. I have been a avid student of the subject myself and previously through yoga, i was able to completely get rid of my enlarged thyroid gland which otherwise would have been treated surgically. That happened years back.

Blessed as i am at for having very good friends from medical fraternity as well, i had been received good advice regarding my knee issue which culminated into me going in for a surgical intervention last year. However, the results were far from satisfaction and i was saddled with a debilitating painful joint which deteriorated the quality of my life and severely affected my mental disposition as well, since i was unable to comfortably take care of my daily chores with ease.

I must say, the last 10 odds days have been miraculous to say the least. The sudden improvement in my knee pain and the degree of flexion achieved in such a short period of time is nothing less than a much needed relief for me. I must say you are doing a fantastic job at alleviating people's physical as well as accompanying physical pain which is a very noble deed , especially in today's scenario

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your treatment and feel confident of gradually improving my condition using your suggested line of treatment.

Thank you Guruji.