Manoj Kumar Gupta, Jaipur

Ailment: Cervical Problem, Sleep Disorder, Acidity and Indigestion problem

Feedback: Before I came to Yoga Peace, I had three serious chronic problems:

1. Cervical Problem: For last 10 years I was suffering from upper back problem and neck pain problem. One year back I had a severe problem in my neck, upper back and left hand. Pain was so severe that I could not lie down on bed and had to sleep for more than a month in sitting position.

I was diagnosed disc herniation and pinching of nerves in the neck which was causing all the problem. I consulted doctors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune and even in USA. Most of them advised surgery, but because of associated risk my family members were not ready for the surgery.

2. Sleep Disorder: For almost 12 years I was having sleep problem and consulted many doctors but with no result. For last two years I developed new sleep problem where I would go to sleep even while driving and any time of the day. My daily routine was disturbed.

3. Acidity and Indigestion problem: For more than 15 years I was having acidity and indigestion problem. I again consulted many doctors but no permanent solution. A year back doctors diagnoses hiatal hernia and again advised surgery.

Few months back one of my friend suggested me about Yoga Piece in Shastri Nagar. Initially, I kept ignoring his advice as I had seen so many yoga centres earlier and had no hope for any improvement in my condition because I had consulted best of doctors and relief was only till the time I was taking pain killers, sleep tablets or antacid tablets. Also, I had taken Ayurveda treatment for my cervical problem which helped me to some stage but not fully. However, with my friend’s continuous reminders I decided to go to Yoga Piece. My friend has told me that without any question asked I should pay for 10 days charges and should go for 10 days without any break. For initial one or two days I was not much impressed as it seemed to me normal exercise, but as I had paid for 10 days I continued. From 4th day I started feeling some improvement in my acidity and digestion problem and I was sleeping less during the day. By the end of one week I started feeling much better with over all improvement in all three problems and in my general wellbeing. On 10th day I went and deposited one-month fees for myself as well as for my wife who was also suffering from Rheumatisms Arthritis. Now it is two months since I have joined Yoga Piece and I think it’s a new life for me. I have recovered quite well from my cervical problem. Earlier, my left-hand thumb has become completely life less and numb which has recovered quite well. My digestion has improved so much that nowadays I eat everything including Dal batichurma, Rajma, Chole bhatura and Pakoras which I had stopped eating for years. My sleep pattern also has improved, and I sleep quite well during the night and don’t fall sleep during day time. I am thankful to Guruji (Dhaka Ram Ji) and his dedicated team members who take care of everyone with love and dedication. I would recommend everyone having any chronic problems to at least consult Guruji once and if he advises, then at least give 10 days without any ifs and buts. I am sure that 10 days treatment will give person so much relief that he will himself decide to continue as I did. 

Again, I would sincerely thank Guruji and his entire team for making my life much better.