Mahesh K. Rawat, Chartered Accountant, Jaipur

Feedback: Thanks Yogapeace for allowing me to breathe !!!

I Mahesh K. Rawat, Chartered Accountant, Jaipur suffer from spinal compression (L4, L5, S1) since last 2 years. Due to the compression, I could not walk/sit properly. There was continuous pain in my back and right leg. My stress level is increasing day by day due to long seating hours in office. In spite of repeated Medical investigations, consultations, the problem was increasing.

Doctors had advised me to take rest but my profession does not allow me to take rest in the month of August and Sept as I have to finalize balance sheets, file Income tax returns, Tax audit reports of my clients in time. I am passing time by taking pain killers. 

In the last days of August 18, one of my friend visited my office for filing of ITR. He suggested me about ‘Yoga Peace’ in Shastri Nagar. Initially, I ignored his advice as I more believe in Medical treatment than Yoga.  However, after friend’s strong recommendations and reminders I decided to go to ‘Yoga Peace’. I meet Guruji Dhaka Ram ji in the evening. I discussed him my problem. He advised me to just take trail of yoga for 10 days. With the heavy hearted, I decided to take trial, just to see miracle. Finally, I started Yoga Therapy from 1st Sept. Surprising from 4th day I started feeling some improvement in my pain and after 10 days, I have no word for ‘YOGA PEACE’. After one month of Yoga therapy, I fully recovered from pain. During the above period I do not take any pain killer. Though I have fully recovered from Pain but still I continue Yoga to increased flexibility, muscle strength and tone. I am thankful to Guruji (Dhaka Ram Ji) and his dedicated team members who take care of everyone with love and dedication. I would recommend everyone having any chronic problems to at least consult Guruji once and if he advises, then at least give 10 days without any ifs and buts. I am sure that 10 days treatment will give person so much relief that he will himself decide to continue as I did. Again, I would sincerely thank Guruji and his entire team for making my life much better and allowing me to breathe.