Lisa, Germany

I am from Germany. I lived there a sad lonely live during i found a tool to change. This was the spiritual path. My wish to became happy and satisfied, i quit my job and traveled through europe, visited spiritual communities, festival, courses retreats i lived in ashrams... my journey led to india. I traveled with an saddhu on bycicle 6 month through india in search of my spiritual path.

The indian culture how i alived and the saddhu scene was sobering. At least i traveled alone and god took me to yoga peace. Here i stay for my last 1 1/2month of my indianjourney and it is like the best comes everytime at the end. Here i met a community with true heart, true spirit on yogic life style. Here i feel more than just come to an yogacourse, the stuff gives me the feeling of a family.i found since more than 6 years practice my yogapractice on a new level. The first about many years i am free of psoaspain. The course, the therapy, the stuff, the teachers are amazing. Here is a place for healing for body and mind.