Leela Agarwal, 53yrs, Jaipur

Ailment : Thyroid, eye problem

Feedback: Myself Leela Agarwal, Joined Yogapeace four months back. I had a major problem in my eyes from past two years. I would feel a lot of strain in my eyes and was not able to open them properly. I consulted a lot of doctors and underwent treatment but nothing was working out. Then i discussed this problem with Shri Dhakaram ji. He advised me to take yoga therapy at Yogapeace. I joined the therapy and I too surprise I could see the difference in just 20 days. My eye problem has got cured to a great extent. Now I don’t feel the strain and am able to open my eyes properly. I can see the changes and benefit of yoga in my today life. My thyroid problem has also been cured. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to guruji and the whole Yogapeace family for their dedicated effort and care. I am really thankful to Guru ji and whole staff.