Himanshu Jain

Greetings of the day !!

It’s exciting me,  Since my happiness & peace has returned across my life & that is not stopping me to write few lines about “YOGA PEACE” & Yoga Acharya Shri Dhaka Ram Ji,  who not only returned my happiness but kept me motivated through the span while curing my so called pain “SCIETICA PROBLEM” under his monitoring  at his centre with the help of  “THEARUPTIC YOGA” IN JUST SPAN OF 20 DAYS with 30 DAYS ENROLEMENT.

 Also I would like to extend this gratitude none other than Yoga teacher Mr. Sandeep Jain who inspired & kept me motivated right from before joining till end of my sessions, Yoga teacher Mr. Viru who not only taught me to keep happy across any  body pain but cured me very well by the virtue of extending  THEARUPTIC YOGA tractions, Mr. Sumer who kept me motivated with his skills & belief across tractions provided throughout the session. KuKKu sir who always kept me inspired/ & taught me how to live happy by virtue of his daily smiling wishes, Last but not the least Sonu sir/Mangal sir/Anil sir & all the Yoga teachers whom I missed to write who actually contributed a lot throughout my enrolment & curing period  & HELPED TO SAY BYE TO  “SCIETICA”.

Once again Many -3 thanks to Yoga peace headed by Yoga Acharya Shri Dhaka ram guru ji.