Dr Neelu and Sanjay Sharma

Feedback: In the present era of globalisation where we are proceeding in all aspects of life, may it be science, research, technology and medicine, we arte still unaware about the gradual degradation and deterioration of our body and health. After getting an opportunity to be a part of YOGA PEACE i have come to the conclusion that this is the right place to have perfect solutions for your health problems and moreover without any medication and side affects. I have faced sequence of unfavourable events during last 5 years and had become very weak internally and felt defeated always but i am blessed that i came to the centre and after meeting Sir Dakaram and sharing my problems, i got so much moral support and positivity that i am trying to fade off my past and looking forward for a better tomorrow. Sir has shown a ray of improvement in my husbandS health problems also and within a month we both are feeling yery light, our medical tests are near normal range. we feel energetic and positive. Sir has plyed a role of guide, father elder brother and a close friend to both of us. we wish him and his dyanamic team a long, healthy and prosperous life. if it is not now it is never, so pl visit yoga peace for all your health problems smile evening.