Deeksha Balani, Jaipur

Feedback: Before I came to YogaPeace ,I suffering from extreme lower back pain and in doctor language slip disk from last eight months.

My doctor suggest me to not do any Yoga just go in medical line then I go for  medication from four months but I have no relief their .

My brother suggest me to go in YogaPeace. He said me that you should go to YogaPeace and definitely you feel relax there.Before I visit YogaPeace , my brother was also suffer from slip disk that is L5 and L6. Many doctors we checked his slip disk ,he didn’t got relief. Then he came in YogaPeace for two months .Then he totally improved what I say he get his relax life back. Then I agree to came in YogaPeace . Now I want to say a big thanks to YogaPeace that given me relax 60 to 70 % in two months.

I should Thanks a lot to YogaPeace and Guruji.