Cath Tricou

Ailment: Severe cervical and lower back pain, sciatica in one leg and some other serious internal disorders.

Feedback: Namaste ji. 3 years ago I have undergone a serious car accident. Consecutively, I was suffering on psychical trauma, severe cervical and lower back pain, sciatica in one leg and some other serious internal disorders. From then on, I could neither work nor manage normally the daily life. In France,western medicine had nothing else to offer than pain killers with tremendous side effects. This was not an option for me. I spent the last 3 years in Asia with the hope to get an appropriate holistic treatment. In China I have practiced medical Qi Gong (kind of martial art), I received acupuncture, pharmacopeia, massage treatments; among the Tibetan community in India, I have tried Tibetan medicine as well as massage; in Rajasthan I tested ayurvedic medicine; all in vain, the pain was still unbearable and my health condition was at least worse than ever. I was quite desperate as the hazard brought me to Yoga Peace. After 3 month daily yoga therapy practice, the pain has lessened to a point allowing me to truly enjoy every day. I have also gained a lot of energy, my mind is getting clearer and clearer and my intellectual capacities are improving.

It s kind of second birth; however a much more conscious life is in front of me. Yoga is henceforth part of my daily life and I m doing my best to become a yoga teacher. No words can express how thankful I feel to Yoga Guru Dhakaram ji. He is always paying attention to everyone, adapting the session when occasionally bodily missreactions are occurring. Furthermore his fantastic smiling energy literally pushes one forwards! None the less he is open minded and wise, working with other therapists when required. All the teachers are in the same state of mind, so kind hearted and helpful. I wish every one could have a Yoga Peace center in his close surrounding.