Carolyn Meyer, 24 yrs, Germany

Ailment: Back pain and Neck Pain

Feedback: I, Carolyn Meyer joined the regular yoga class at YogaPeace, Banipark Jaipur over a 2 month period. My Teacher was the lovely Pooja. I can highly recommend the class as it helped me physically and it being just great fun interacting with very kind people.

The class was very different to classes in used to visit in Germany, here the different poses were held over a longer period of time and not repeated all the time. I learned a lot about the benefits and function of different poses and the proper execution was very important. So, that after 2 months I feel like I can do most of the poses at home by myself safely.

During these 2 Month, I was working an internship, which involved a lot of sitting at a desk all day. So, after a few weeks I experienced back and neck pain from siting in the same position all day. All the stretching and twisting helped especially my lower back to get stronger and so pain would vanish. I could also apply different exercise in my day to day life when I would experience pain. Additionally, I would include some exercise I learned in my day to day life, such as “Tadasana” (mountain pose) after I woke up. It was a great way to wake up my entire body and help my mind to concentrate on myself and prepare for the day.

All in all, I got very flexible which is a nice feeling. I felt strong and lean at the same time. Adding to this I lost about 7 k.g. which made it easier to twist and stretch, so it basically helped me improve my physical abilities.

A completely new aspect were the breathing exercises which I have never seen in any other Yoga class back in Germany. I could really feel how my lungs would expand and how it helped one concentrate on oneself. It was a new experience for me. As I sometimes struggle with catching my breath I felt, after doing yoga continuously I had a better lung capacity and better control over my breathing. I was able to make myself breath regularly and deep when I would do other physical activities. 

So, in the end I have to mention, that beside her being a wonderful teacher Pooja is a very happy and cheerful person. She became my friend very quickly and even beside Yoga classes she would care for me deeply and the other way around.

All the best.