Ailment: Digestion problem

Feedback: I was reluctant to join Yoga Classes. I had a slight digestion problem so after trying out all the doctors my father instructed that I give it a try who also had recently joined and had immediate relief from his back pain. Not only did the problem subside within a week or so the effect was more than that. Every session was amazing and I looked forward to the next day. Not only is it good for the body, it instils you with a positive energy which you carry throughout the day. There is an aura of calm peace the om chants create a very soothing and comforting atmosphere. It also provides a great way to keep track of time, counting the number of OM chants very novel and unique. I was not very flexible, so I thought I would have problems but Dhakaram sir and his team made this experience enjoyable. Dhakaram sir is a gem of a person. His smile is infections and he resonates with positive energy. Very meticulous person, his attention and devotion towards every person is commendable same can be said for all other members of Yoga Peace. At the end I would say it was a privilege being part of this Yoga Peace family and would recommend it to everyone. Regards