Anil Dhurka, 58 years, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment:  Sciatica Pain, L3-L4-L5 Disk nerve compression

Feedback: I started taking classes from YogaPeace from March of 2018 and what I found in the classes has kept me practicing consistently for the last four months. Since March to till 30th June I felt improvement of 70% in my disease cured as compare to earlier. YOGAPEACE teachers has a gentle spirit and serenity that transcends in classes 

Teachers instruction are easy to follow and they give each individual attention with necessary pose. YogaPeace participants receive so many benefits from practice because of the way they prepares us for class and the precise way in which they teaches the poses. Not only have I gained strength and flexibility, but I, will continue with YogaPeace after my Australia visit ie November 2018.Gurujee classes with renewed energy, self confidence, inner calmness and a clear mind. Through this experience, I am convinced that everyone should practice yoga and if possible with YogaPeace.

Thank you very much Guru ji.