Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose)

How does Trikonasana Help Your Body?

Yoga is one of the latest trends that’s taking over the world of fitness right now. This age old practice not only is great for toning your body, but provides some of the best health benefits making it one of the best kinds of workout as it directs many types of illnesses and can give you a better quality of life overall. One of the best benefits of yoga is that it is beginner level exercise, which means that if you are just starting out in your aim to lead a healthier lifestyle, this is probably the way to go. This can ensure that you are easing into more difficult workouts.

Yoga is great for reducing stress and back pain due to the different types of breathing exercises that can help to increase oxygen content in the blood and thereby provide stress relief. It can also improve your confidence, attention and can help people with ADHD to live a more balanced life. In fact, one of the major reasons why students and kids should always be enrolled in yoga classes is because yoga can help to improve your concentration levels and can help to motivate them. A research by the American College of Sports Medicine concluded that yoga can help in improving concentration and reduce anxiety in just two months. The improvement is nothing short of dramatic as yoga is one of the best mindfulness exercises.

Moreover, it can help to improve your focus and brain function as well as improve your balance and stability. It can help significantly by improving your poise and help you to maintain correct posture, thereby decrease back pain and other posture related issues. It can also help to increase your flexibility and help you to stretch your muscles, thereby getting a more toned body in the process, Though yoga doesn’t really help to lose weight, it can help you get a more toned and flexible body.

Yoga can also help if you suffer from insomnia. The Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard found that the effects of yoga can help patients with insomnia. Practicing a 45 minute yoga session with deep-breathing and meditation for 8 weeks can help to improve the quality of sleep, more energetic wake time and improve your overall health.

If you are looking to start out with yoga, the Trikonasana is one of the best poses for you. Trikonasana comes from the words Trikon and Asana, which means triangle, and pose respectively. This pose is one of the best poses that is moderately difficult and has a huge array of health benefits and is extremely relevant in the realm of sound physical and mental health. Excellent for strengthening your core muscles and your legs, the Trikonasana is a good warm up exercise before moving onto more intense machine based workout sessions. This asana can help you to shed extra fat from different parts of the body and toning your abs, your thighs, hips and your waist.

This is one of the most convenient poses as it can be practiced anytime and anywhere or even without any type of preparation and produces immediate effects. People who sit at a desk or any one place for elongated periods of time can really benefit from this yoga pose as this pose can help to improve your circulation and eliminate aches in the back, neck and other parts of the body. This asana can also help to tone up the nervous system and loosen up your muscles to make you more relaxed.

How to do the trikonasana?

  1. Start off in the Tadasana. Start with an exhalation and jump or step to keep your feet about 3.5 to 4 feet apart. Now raise your arms sideways to make them parallel to the floor with your palms open.
  2. Now turn your left foot slightly over to the right and your right foot to 90degrees and align the two heels up. Now clench your thighs and turn your right thigh out so that your knee cap centres with the centre of the ankle.
  3. Now exhale again and extend your body to the right to align it directly over the plane of the right leg. Your body should bend at the hip and not the waist. You can anchor your movement by keeping your left leg and pressing the outer heel down. Rotate your torso to the left and keep both sides to the same length. Let your left hip come forward slightly and then push the tailbone towards the back of the heel.
  4. For the arms, rest your right hand on the floor, shin or ankle, whatever is comfortable without distorting your torso and stretch your left arm towards the ceiling aligning with the top of the shoulder.
  5. You can either keep your head straight or look up at the left thumb.
  6. Maintain the pose for 30seconds-1minute. Inhale while coming up and press with your heel against the ground and reach the top arm upwards. Reverse the feet and repeat.

Health benefits of Trikonasana

  1. Trikonasana is one of the best yoga poses for actually losing weight and can direct the stomach, thighs, waist and the back. Practicing this asana on a daily basis with proper techniques can help to shed fat.
  2. It is good for people who suffer from back pains.
  3. This pose can help to improve the height of growing children.
  4. This can improve the strength of your knees, feet and calves.
  5. It can improve your digestion.
  6. It can help to keep stress levels in check.
  7. It can help to improve the flexibility of your hip joints and helps to stretch your spine.
  8. It can strengthen your thigh, hip and back muscles.
  9. Provides balance, stamina, energy and improves focus.

Triangle pose variations

  1. Reclining triangle pose (Suptatrikonasana)
  2. Extended Triangle pose (Utthitatrikonasana)
  3. Revolved Triangle pose (Parivrttatrikonasana)
  4. Bound Triangle pose (Baddhatrikonasana)


  1. Don’t do this asana if you suffer from very severe back pain.
  2. If you have a migraine, you should not do this asana.
  3. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, neck/back injuries or diarrhoea should not do this asana.
  4. If you experience dizziness while doing this asana, don’t look down at the final step.
  5. People with cervical spondylosys should consult their doctors before doing this asana.
  6. Don’t lean on your knees while doing this as it can lead to knee problems
  7. If you have neck problems, it’s better to hold your head in the neutral pose rather than looking up.

Thus, yoga can be your best friend when it comes to starting out on a healthy lifestyle. It is medium impact and can be a great option for beginners. With the trikonasana, you can get all the different benefits that it has to offer and help you lead a healthier lifestyle as well as ensuring that you get rid of any pains in your body.


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