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Baddha Konasana

Glide simply into Baddha Konasana and experience yoga health benefits!

Yoga is a powerful art influencing people since ages. Yes! Obviously there are other ways of staying fit and healthy too but what yoga gives you as a gift of life is incomparable. Yoga imparts a self-awareness and journey within your soul and makes your mind and soul function together to make you united with yourself from within. A person who practices yoga is more calm, contended and peaceful in life. He has clarity in his decisions, thoughts that purify his mind and soul and is more likely to live longer with a healthier and peaceful mind. The health perks of yoga is unlimited and you will know the benefits of yoga when you start practicing it and living the edginess above others.

What is Baddha Konasana?

Baddha Konasana is a famous yogic pose and is also sometimes called the butterfly pose or the cobbler pose. It is very easy to do and is suitable for everyone. It helps stretch the groin, thighs, hips and provides strength to hand and has multiple health benefits for the body.


What are the benefits of Baddha Konasana?

Practicing Baddha Konasana is a little tricky. The beginner might face a little difficulty in stretching their body well and bringing the body to the practicing pose, but continuous efforts towards sitting and practicing it would make you a regular in it. The benefits associated with Baddha Konasana are:

  • Stretches groin and inner thighs
  • Increases flexibility in knees, ankles, thighs and feet
  • Opens pelvic region
  • Stimulates the heart and improves blood circulation
  • Helps relieve depression, stress and fatigue
  • Therapeutic effects for feet, high blood pressure and asthma
  • Helpful for pregnant women by increasing their strength and ease in childbirth
  • Soothes menstrual discomfort
  • Stimulates abdominal organs
  • Helps open up the lower back and eases muscles

Who should do Baddha Konasana?

A person suffering from knee or groin injury must not do this asana. Anyone having sever hips and back pain must do this pose with utter care, they can put a soft cloth under the hips and then practice this pose. Women should now practice Baddha Konasana on their menstrual days and if they do so then expert guidance is advised. However for people have less strength in their legs, thighs and back are advised to practice this asana regularly. It is also proven great for people trying to lose their fat around the belly, and thighs. 

How to do the Baddha Konasana?

The process to do the Baddha Konasana is very simple and easy. Just take out your yoga mat, sit on it and follow the steps

  • Sit straight on the floor with erect spine.
  • Bend your knees by bringing you feet together. Try to touch the soles of your feet together.
  • Now hold the clasp of your feet with both your hands and sit erect.
  • Inhale deeply and try to stretch your leg muscles by pushing your thighs and knees towards the floor until you have your legs flat on the floor.
  • Now keep breathing normally and start flapping your legs up and down slowly making it look like butterfly wings.
  • Keep your hands and feet still intact. DO NOT MOVE THEM.
  • Practice it for almost 5 minutes and leave when tired.

The asana is very easy to perform and very beneficial for the body. Any beginner can do this asana with ease and so it is recommended for people of all ages. Make sure you have not eaten anything right before performing this asana as it creates a pressure on your stomach.

Breathing methods while performing the asana

Yoga is all about performing asana with your breathing correct. Breathing correctly is very necessary for the asanas to work in your favour and bring beautiful healthy effects to your body. Simplest of yoga poses or asana involve correct breathing and it should be kept in mind while performing the asanas. The breathing method for Baddha Konasana is:

  • Inhale deeply and slowly when starting which the stretching of legs.
  • Hold on with your breath when you try to stretch the legs wide and touch the knees on the ground.
  • After achieving the necessary stress and starting off with the butterfly motions, breathe normally and deeply.
  • While ending up the asana, take a deep breath and exhale slowly until you rest back the legs in the starting position.
  • Relax.


Precautions are necessary while doing yoga poses:

  • You must learn the art before starting to do it in private.
  • Make sure you choose the poses and asanas that are favourable to your health.
  • It is best to learn yoga from an expert and then take it to daily practices.
  • Any form of asana that gives you pain or become unbearable is not to be practiced.
  • If any pose gives you a sense of pain, immediately lower down the intensity and return to your normal pose slowly, don’t break the process or you might get hurt.
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