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Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ardha Matsyendrasana - a Yoga posture to keep your spine supple and flexible

From the decimal system to the principles of astronomy; from the multi-faced philosophy to a legacy of exceptional literary works, India has gifted innumerable jewels to the rest of the world. The list will definitely include the Yoga. Instrumented by the ancient Indian sages, Yoga holds relevance to contemporary life, as well. The regular practice of yoga can keep you healthy and hence, happy. 

The portfolio of Indian Yoga includes innumerable poses, each having its unique features and benefits. Practicing Yoga on a regular basis, you can achieve a sound physical and mental health. People who undergo Yoga sessions on a regular basis, states that their lives are healthier, happier and more purposeful.  Yoga session brings a balance of  the mental plane that will enable you to handle the crisis and critical situations better. A happy and contented mind will support you to have a happier family life. Hence, you should start undergoing the Yoga sessions regularly. This article will pinpoint on the  Ardha Matsyendrasana, a yoga posture that aims to keep the spines healthy.

About the Sitting Half Spinal Twist 

Ardha Matsyendrasana or the Sitting Half Spinal Twist is the specific Yoga posture that keeps the spines healthy. The spine forms the framework of the body. Hence, to keep your body flexible and agile, you need to keep the spines healthy, supple and flexible. This Yoga will be the right choice to fulfill the purpose. If you follow this Yoga on a regular basis, you will find more agility and flexibility. Hence, you will turn more energetic. Hence, you will gain significant benefits once you practice this posture for a few days.  

How to practice the Ardha Matsyendrasana? 

As you get it from the name of the posture, Ardha Matsyendrasana is the posture of the "King of the fish". This posture suits people of all ages and gender. Following are the detailed steps to perform the Yoga:

Sit on a soft floor mat. Stretch out your legs to the front, keeping it straight. Your feet should touch one another and keep the spine erect.

  • Bend your left leg. The heel of the left foot goes beside your right hip. If you want, the left leg stays straight. 
  • The right leg comes on the left knee
  • Your left hand will come on the right knee.  The right-hand goes behind.
  • Twist your waist and then the shoulder and finally the neck towards your right. Keep looking over your right shoulder for some time. 
  • Remember, throughout the process, you need to keep your spine straight and upright. 
  • Hold on the posture for some time. Take a few gentle breaths.
  • While breathing out, you will first release the right hand. Subsequently, the waist, chest and at the last, you will release your neck.  Sit relaxed but straight for a few minutes. 
  • Repeat the process for the other side 

While doing this Yoga, you should always keep the spine straight. Ensure that you don’t apply pressure on your neck and chest. 

What are the benefits that you can expect? 

You can expect manifold advantages if you keep on practicing this posture regularly for a few days.  The key benefits can be listed as follows:

  • You spine turns supple: The biggest advantage of this posture is that it turns the spine supple. Millions of people around the world suffer from stiffness in their spines that arises out of different reasons. No matter what the reason is, Sitting Half Spinal Twist can eliminate those troubles within a few days.

  • The spine gets more elastic: Do you find trouble while bending or walking? If so, Sitting Half Spinal Twist can bring magical remedies. This posture makes the spine more flexible and hence, you will find no difficulties in bending front or stretching. The stiff spine can be a challenge in those moments of lovemaking. As the spine gets more elastic, you will benefit along those lines as well.

  • Your chest gets opened that maximizes the inflow of oxygen to your lungs: Why do people feel fatigued? The main reasons are that the brain fails to get the adequate supply of oxygen. As you do the Sitting Half Spinal Twist, your chest will get opened and hence, your lungs can breathe-in more oxygen. Hence, the brain will get the supply of adequate oxygen. It will keep you more agile and dynamic.

  • A wonderful exercise for the waist: practicing this posture, you will require twisting the waist. Hence, it will make the waist more flexible. If you experience chronic pain along the waist, you can expect for a permanent solution, practicing this posture for a few day’s time.

Aside the points stated above, Ardha Matsyendrasana will make you more energetic and brings a balance between all the muscles of your body.

A few points about Ardha Matsyendrasana that you need to keep in mind

  • Practice this posture is not solicited for women during the course of their pregnancy.
  • In case you are having redundancy in the spine, neck or along the waist, you should consult an expert Yoga trainer before starting the practice.
  • It is better to start under the supervision and aegis of expert yoga trainers. These experts will be able to guide you for getting the best results within a fair extent of time.
  • Yoga is not a magic. Hence, you should approach it with the determination that you will practice it regularly. Even though Yoga can bring instant benefits, your goal should for long-term gains. 

You could have spent a good amount of money to get healthy and happy. But, nothing can match the delightful results that Yoga can do. You don’t have to bear any significant expenses and most importantly, Yoga is completely safe for health. On that, a single Yoga posture can bring an overall benefit to your health. Invest the minimal time and efforts on this Yoga and the outcome will definitely bring a bright smile on your face. 


Utthit Parshv Hast Angushth Aasan

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