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Benefits Of Yoga

Our smiling greetings to you all.

Walking One Step Toward Health and Happiness is encouraging people to take little steps toward better health and happiness.

Today we will discuss yoga and we are starting a series of yoga that will strengthen and grow our body, mind, and soul. Why yoga is important in our life. When I talk about yoga, I need not say about yoga, everyone knows what yoga is. I would like to tell all of you that yoga does not mean that we have broken and twisted the body. Yoga means the way to reach the ultimate bliss. Whatever work we do in life, we do it for the sake of happiness and peace, and this happiness and peace cannot give us another and we all find this happiness and peace in others.

Dear friends, we will discuss how to connect within ourselves. As soon as there is talk of yoga, one circumstance means connecting one and the other, then there are two, if we go according to the scriptures, then the union of the divine with the soul is yoga. But tell an ordinary person that I meet the soul with the divine, maybe people are not going to come so soon, then, first of all, we should meet our body, then in today’s life of running, where even more than physical Worried for mental relaxation. He is the only one who guides us in physical, mental, and spiritual development. Exercising, going to the gym, swimming, running, by walking, all happen up to our physical level. To be physically healthy is not to be healthy. We are more concerned with the mind than the body. Most of the diseases that are coming these days are mental because where does your mind reach in a second. We need pranayama, the longer and deeper the breath, the more healthy our mind will be, will remain happy and remain happy. When we do yoga, it has asanas, kriyas, pranayama, and meditation, then there is nothing in comparison to yoga to stay healthy at all three levels. You must have seen that even doctors talk about yoga during the Corona period. Talk about taking deep and long breaths. International Yoga Day was also celebrated all over the world. So why wait to celebrate Yoga Day for 1 day in a year. Include yoga in your daily routine. Must be in your routine. Before doing yoga, before breakfast, before eating, make sure that I will not do breakfast without yoga or will not eat food without yoga, when in this way we get connected with yoga, then our life will become happy. “One step from health to happiness” If we give one to one and a half hours to our body, then our twenty-two and a half hours are very beautiful, then dear friends, you do not have to do yoga, you have to take a peek inside you Twenty-two hours should not be pleasant. We are coming with a series of yoga in which you will do regular meditation sitting at your home.

Build physical strength, mental peace, and spiritual growth. Welcome to the series “Ek Kadam Swasthya Se Anand Ki Aur”.

Yogacharya Dhakaram
Founder of YogaPeace Sansthan, Yogacharya Dhakaram is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and healer with over 30 years of experience. He has trained thousands of students in yoga and is known for his depth of knowledge and his ability to turn around lives with yoga.