Regular Yoga

This session has been planned in such a way that all the people whether young or old, fat or lean, healthy or unhealthy can get Benefit out of this age old and time tested method of keeping body healthy.

In this program, susham kriyas and asana are all planned carefully and scientifically in proper series. In this session more emphasis is given on doing pranayams and assans in slow motion, so that a student can self-feel it.

Each and every student is personally attended so that all the assans are done in proper alignment and body should also remain stress free. For unhealthy people our centre provides props and ropes so that they can do all the assans easily and effectively despite their weakness. Different types of assans are planned for different weeks in such a way that it not only makes the body healthy and flexible but also improves the working capacity of a person.

Don't just sit and think that u are healthy, invest six days of your life to make yourself healthy and happy.


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