Vivek Sharma, 21 yrs, Haryana

Feedback: Would like to share my journey from a student to a teacher in YogaPeace. It was a wonderful experience to learn under the guidance of "Shree Dhakaram" Guru ji . Words are not enough to express my gratitude towards him. YogaPeace is a place where one should come once in the lifetime to get this kind of experience and guidance and to get a perfect balance in life and I'm sure no one would want to go back from there. The teachers and all the mentors are so helpful that we feel like a family. I feel so proud to say that I got "Shiksha" of yoga under such a wonderful personality "Guruji Shree Dhakaram Ji". Lastly my wishes to the YogaPeace and all the teachers there for doing a tremendous job towards the wellbeing of our society.