Kamla Chaturvedi, 52 yrs, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ailment: High BP,thyroid,Cholestrol,Gap in knee joints

Feedback: I, Kamla Chaturvedi, am a part of Yoga Peace from around a year, and go there regularly. I had thyroid, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I also had a gap in my knees due to which I used to have a lot of pain. I consulted 2-3 doctors who recommended me to go for an operation. But my determination to heal myself made me opt for yoga. In the middle I’ve thought many times that I should stop and that nothing will happen. However my determination kept me going. I’ve experienced a great change in my pain as coming to Yoga Peace healed 90% of my knee pain. All my medicines have been reduced to less than half. My thyroid medicine has been reduced from 75mg to 12mg, BP medicine from 20mg to 10 mg and I have also stopped taking cholesterol medicine. Seeing this, the doctors were also shocked as to how can that knee gap can heal so quickly. Thanks to Yoga Guru Dhakaram Ji and the other staff members who supported me. I experience positive energy and a vibe to carry on there like no other that puts me to peace. Due to the benefits Yoga peace has given me, I’ve started doing a teachers training course over there, as spending time in that centre makes me happy.


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