Toshio Suzuki

Feedback: My name is Toshio Suzuki and I came from Kobe city Japan. My wife Tomoe Suzuki is a yoga Instructor and she wanted to go deeper and learn advance yoga so we came here.When I came to Yoga Peace I was surprised to see the Therapy Yoga techniques in Japan Yoga means only Asanas or Pose but this I found as alternate Therapy like acupuncture and acupressure. Though this is different from that but I found it’s very interesting and it’s amazed me. I am happy that we chose this centre Yoga Peace to learn yoga as Dhakaram Sir is very polite and keen to teach each and every aspect. I enjoyed my two days in Yoga Peace and experienced Therapy Yoga I was relaxed in “relaxation Box” and found “Shirsasan with Prop” very interesting. I also attended “General Yoga” and “Slimming Yoga” classes and had my first ever experience of Yoga. All the teachers and Dhakaram Sir are very polite, co-operative yet strict to teach and demand perfection. I’m fully comfortable to leave my wife here to learn though this is her first time in India.


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