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It is an inflammation of the joint .It can affect one or multiple joints of the body. There are more than hundred different types of arthritis with different causes. The most common ones are

a) osteo- arthritis 

b)Rheumatic arthritis.

Symptoms of arthritis may appear over the time but they may also appear suddenly. Arthritis is commonly seen in adults over the age of 65 but it can also develop in children, teens and young adults. It is more common in women than men who are overweight

Causes of arthritis:

Cartilage is a firm but flexible connective tissue in joints. It protects the joints by absorbing the pressure and shock created when you move and put stress on them. A reduction in normal amount of the cartilage tissue causes severe form of arthritis .Normal wear and tear causes osteo-arthritis which is one of the most common forms of arthritis.

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Yoga Asanas: An Introduction

Yoga Asanas: An Introduction

YOGA ASANAS SOME SPECIAL DIRECTIONS - In ancient times thousands and thousands of Asanas were prevelant, but today scholars have identified about one hundred and eighty asanas that can clearly be described. Out of these asanas there are still some asanas that cannot be nor they are considered necessary. A few of them are just poses and that are meant only for demonstration. Thus if we discard all such difficult and irrelevant asanas, then we find that there are only 64 asanas that have beneficial effect on the body and can be performed by a common man. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF YOGA ASANAS - It is believed that when an asana is performed then the muscles and organs in a particular part of body gets stretched, pressed, squezed and exercised while performing a particular asana, as a result of which the organ experiences some sort of pressure and tension, that results in the draining away of accumulated blood in that organ along with toxins. When the asana is over, the organ gets relaxed the tension is removed thus fresh and healthy blood rushes to the part. This results in reconditioning of the organ by removing the accumulated waste product and supplying vitaliy and vigour to that part. BREATHING DURING YOGA ASANA - Some of the experts and Yoga teachers recommend stopping of breath or forceful breathing during asanas. This should be avoided where ever possible because it can cause harm to heart and lungs. There while performing asanas every individual should maintain normal breathing. PLACE WHERE YOGA ASANAS SHOULD BE PERFORMED - Asanas should always be performed in an open space and in a clear non polluted environment. In case of rain or cold environment, an airy room such as a hall with cross ventilations should be used. Asanas should never be done in closed or illventilated rooms because the air in such places contain more carbon dioxide as compared to open space. In such conditions the body gets deprived of oxygen when it needs most. Inhaling such impure air can cause greater burden on lungs and heart in keeping blood circulation up to mark. TIME OF YOGA ASANAS - The asanas should be commenced about two hours before sunrise so that the rays of rising sun bathe the body by the lime exercise is over. - Asanas should be performed empty stomach, hence two hours before sunrise is the most appropriate timing. - Practice in the evening, if at all it is necessary should begin 5-6 hours after the last meal taken. PREPARATION FOR YOGA ASANAS - One should leave bed long before dawn. Bath should be take after attending the morning duties. - In cold weather the bath may be taken 1 and a half hour to 2 hour after completion of all asanas or exercise. - The practitioner should wear a loin cloth while performing asanas. It should neither be too tight nor too loose. - Asanas should be practised on a thick matress or folded soft blanket. After every asana one should rest in shavasana for half the time taken by the asana. - At the end of full exercise the practitioner should rest in shavasana for at least half the time taken by the exercise. Dr. Arun Joshi Consultant Yoga Naturopathy

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