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Yoga Peace is a journey to meet your own “healthier” self. It is a gateway “from health to happiness”. Exhale all your worries... Inhale all your blessings...



Ayush Babel - Senior Undergraduate, IIT Bombay 

Ailment: Back pain since last 6 months.

Feedback: I had been suffering chronic back pain since last 6 months . At first I neglected the pain thinking it will go away in a short while but when it started to aggravate, I had to see a doctor who at first gave me medications like muscle relaxants and painkillers . When the pain didn’t subside I tried physiotherapy which certainly gave short term relief but problem was still the same after sometime . After continuous failure of standard modern treatment methods, I began to live with the pain taking pain killers every alternate day. A month ago I came to know about Yoga Peace from my parents who had been going there and have gained significant health benefits from it. At first I was a little sceptical but later on after due diligence and search on internet I became aware of the underrated benefits that yoga has to offer. I came all the way from Bombay specifically for this purpose and I will have to say I took a good decision there. I have had more benefit from undergoing yoga therapy than I have had during all these 6 months from any other medication or treatment. 
Yoga in my view provides holistic health benefits and should be practiced by all to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend Yoga Peace to everyone because of the highly trained staff here under the guidance of Dhakaram Sir who is a veteran in the field and has a lot to offer.

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