Guruji S.K. Jindel Sahib

Mr. S.K.Jindel (Guruji) born in April 1925 at Nasirabad (Raj) graduated in law from Agra college, Agra (1945) & started business of arms & ammunition in 1947 at Jaipur & got success in business also.

Started as a hobby at an early age of 11 yoga became a mission of his life. He was past President of Rajasthan Swasthya Yoga Parishad, Jaipur from 1993 to 1995. At the age of 90 he is still a daily yoga practitioner & full of energy. Wit & humour are in his veins.


Attended his first International Yoga Conference in Pondicherry “The World Yoga Congress” in 1989 as a member of two committees of Kundalini Jagran & Yogic Shatkarmas. Since then attended over twenty National & International Yoga conferences as a Demonstrator, Speaker, Streeing Committee member & Judge.

He had been to U.S.A, Argentina, Italy & many other countries, several times, for yoga classes, Demonstration of Nauli & also as a speaker. He has been awarded with a lot of International Certificates, Membership & Honorariums. He has successfully organized International Yoga Conferences in Jaipur twice in November 1998 & January 2004.
He is known the world over for his expertise in Nauli Kriya. In Yogic circle his name has become synonymous with Nauli.


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